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YXE Poutine Week

Sample copy of email sent out to our 1000+ contacts through mailchimp in 2016.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to announce the first ever Poutine Week is coming to Saskatoon.“YXE Poutine Week’s”concept is pretty simple: local selected restaurants develop special poutine dishes and customers vote for their favorite Poutine dish. A portion of the proceeds fromEVERYpoutine sold comes back to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon.

13 local YXE restaurants are ready to battle it in support of BBBS. A list of poutines can be found below. Be sure to enter our social media contest. Share your favourite poutine along with the hashtag#guiltfreepoutine, therestaurantyou're at, and tag@YXEPoutine(Facebook/Twitter)or@yxe.poutineweek(Instagram).

Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine:

Buffalo Chicken Poutine:
Hudsons Traditional Quebec Poutine topped with buffalo chicken bites, green onions and finished with ranch dressing and signature Buffalo Sauce.

Fionn Macools:
Shepards Pie Poutine:
Crisp Lattice potato chips smothered with Swiss cheese and our famous Shepards pie recipe and topped with Yukon gold mashed potatoes.

Smoke's Poutinerie:
Bunny Hugger Poutine:
Local Farmer Sausage, Saskatoon Berries, Drizzled Saskatoon Berry Syrup, and PeppercornGravy.


The Yard and Flagon:
Paired with a pint of Nokomis brown, this delicious poutine features the Yard & Falgon's signature fries and gravy topped with an unhealthy amount of shaved braised beef, sautéed onions, portobello mushroom mix, and finished with a spicy cream cheese sauce.

Drift Café:
Cold Smoked Chicken Poutine:
Poutine w/Duck fat & roasted garlic cheese curds, Olive oil chicken gravy, Fried stuffing crumble, Cranberry sauce & herbed double fried potatoes.

Bon Temps Café:TBD

Stacked Burger Bar:
11 Steps to Heaven:
Fresh cut Fries,Smoked Bacon,BeefGravy,MontrealCurds, smokedmozzarella &cheddar, Fried onion rings,Friedpickles ,Chicken strips,Dry ribs, and Beef burger.

Fois Gras Poutine:
Poutine with duck gravy and a fried egg.

The Rook & Raven:
Bolo Bocconcini Poutine:
Bolo as is bolognese (meat sauce,Bocconcini as in mini balls of fresh mozzarella).

 The Hollows:TBD

Lobster and Shrimp Poutine:
Lobster and shrimp on our potato wedges, baked with brie and mozzarella, then smothered with homemade gravy and hollandaise!

Maple Bacon Poutine

The Burning Beard: 
Montreal Poutine:
Fries, Montreal Smoked Meat, Cheese Curds, Gravy & Dijon Mustard.

The more poutine you eat, the more positive outcomes you create forchildren and youth in Saskatoon. #guiltfreepoutine at its finest...YXE Poutine Week. Please forward and share with your contacts.