Every Child in Canada Who Needs a Mentor, Has a Mentor.


Every Child Who Needs a Mentor, Will Have One.

Big Brothers Association of Saskatoon and Big Sisters Association of Saskatoon have made a difference in the lives of Saskatoon youth as separate organizations  for over 30 years. Both agencies were focused on providing a caring adult friend to a child who could benefit from adult companionship.

In 2005, through dedication and cooperation on the part of the boards, staff and members, the two organizations amalgamated to form one organization to better serve children in our community: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area Inc.

Over the years, both agencies have developed programs alongside the traditional Big Brother Little Brother match and Big Sister Little Sister match to suit the changing needs of children, youth and volunteers. In-School Mentoring, Group Only Volunteering, Big Buddy, Couples Match, Youth In Care, and Momentum all provide different opportunities to volunteers and support to children and youth.

Though our agency is focused on children and youth, it is built on volunteers and the impact they make in the children’s lives.

Currently in Saskatoon, over 250 children are matched with adults in the one to one program. Our challenge is to match the 200 children we currently have on our waiting list.