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My Little Sister

My little sister is a curious, pint-sized, bright-eyed six-year-old named Sara who jumps head first into everything we do together.  She’s more worldly than you’d expect.  She has no problems speaking with people. No issues trying new things. On my watch, she’s bumped her knees ice skating, tried to grab a live snake at a wildlife rehabilitation event (oh no.) and thrust her hand into a (friendly) dog’s mouth to retrieve a ball. Her tenacious nature is electric, and she never holds back.

That is, until I took herdani to the movie theatre. She was quiet and bewildered. asked why she needed glasses. I let her know it was because the movie was in 3D. Her eyes grew wider. She asked if she could take the glasses home.

“No, sorry Sara.”

During the movie, she stood up and danced for the musical numbers. She laughed harder than anyone else in the theatre. When a scene would end, she’d shoot up out of her chair and applaud.  I watched her more than I watched the movie.

It turned out, she’d never been to the movie theatre before.

Can you remember your first visit to a theatre? I know I can. 

Despite all the fun we’ve had, our movie night is my favourite because it reminded me that these visits are filled with “firsts”. First time trying something. First time going somewhere. First time she’s heard a piece of advice.  There are lots of important “firsts” built into this mentoring opportunity, and I’ve been doing my best to seize every moment.