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Lorelei Neubauer

Lorelei Headshot

Lorelei Neubauer has been volunteering as a Big Sister since 2013 and
has remained matched to the same Little Sister for the past four years.

Lorelei regularly goes above and beyond for her Little Sister and has
been a great role model for her throughout the years. They can be seen
going out for ice crème, baking, at the dog park and at the movie

Her Little Sister always tells everyone how much fun she is, how nice
she is and likes that Lorelei takes her out for her birthday every year.
Lorelei is making a huge impact on her Little Sister and enjoys watching
her grow up. They regularly have conversations about the future and
she advocates for her Little Sister to have funding for dance or
gymnastic classes each year.

She has also helped Big Brothers Big Sisters with planning one our
fundraising events earlier this year. We are very happy to present this
award to Lorelei!

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