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Lead By Example

Cournety Wide

Courtney Roy

In my life I have had a few mentors and with each one they all bring Light and
Positivity to uncertain areas of my life at times when I need them most.

Mentors are always there for you and provide honest advice and
encouragement that helps you bring out your best self.

I’ve been fortunate to have many people in my life who have taught me the
values of Hard-Work and staying Positive. These two factors are what have
contributed most to my success and are qualities I learned from
some of the mentors I look up to.

It’s been a pleasure to have met so many Inspiring people and to see the impact and contribution they’ve had on my life through my education at the Edwards School of Business, work, and volunteering.

I lead by example and show girls and women that you can do anything you want
if you believe in yourself and work hard.

Courtney Ending

You can see Courtney's Poster in person from now until mid-September, exclsuively at The Centre Mall in Saskatoon.