Kerry Sawicki


Kerry Sawicki

Kerry Sawicki has been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters since
early 2015. He was matched to his current little brother shortly after.
Kerry has been an amazing big brother throughout the past few years.
He goes above and beyond and treats his little brother like family.

Theycan often be found using tickets donated to the agency or volunteering
for various events hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters. Kerry’s little
brother speaks of him often and always has lots of positive things to say
about Kerry and their match.

We knew Kerry was going to be a great Big Brother right from the start.
Kerry started offering to help with events hosted by BBBS before he was
event matched. Kerry can always be counted on to attend fundraising
events & to speak when media opportunities arise. Kerry has helped
the youth development workers at group activities even when his little
brother was not there. He is truly a remarkable volunteer.

Kerry will be moving to Alberta this summer to work as a teacher. BBBS
thanks him for all of his hard work and wishes him the best of luck in his
newest adventure. He will be missed by staff and his little brother!

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