Brenley Schaan

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Brenley Schaan

Brenley Schaan has been passionately volunteering with Big
Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon since 2013. Her journey began at St.
Michaels School as an In-School Mentor before transitioning into a full
time Big Sister match in 2015. Brenley’s relationship with her mentee
is nothing short of inspiring.

You can often find the two of them doing
a fun activity together, such as baking or doing a photoshoot as part
of our “Be You Girl Campaign”, but most of all it’s all about the quality
time they get to spend with each other just laughing and having fun.

Community is important to Brenley and it is what has led her to
becoming more than just a volunteer with BBBS. Wanting to give
back, Brenley has been instrumental in several BBBS initiatives as a
spokesperson and ambassador. Because of Brenley, BBBS now has a
thriving partnership with the Edwards School of Business.

When she’s not busy changing her mentees life, Brenley can be found
volunteering with the Saskatoon Kinettes, practicing her cradling
skills as part of her job with the Saskatoon Rush, or taking every
opportunity to parler en Français.

Brenley is an exceptional role model
for her mentee and the community of Saskatoon. Nous sommes fières
d'elle présenter avec cette récompense.

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