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In the Community: Stantec's Day

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Something interesting happened today...

From all accounts, it was supposed to be a normal fall day for the children and youth of St.Michael Community School.

  • The sun was shining

  • The air was cool and crisp, much like you'd expect it to be on the last official day of summer.

  • Class began at regular times

Little did they know they would be getting some very special guests.

As part of their Stantec In The Community Dayseveral members of the local Saskatoon team had the opportunity to visit with some of our mentees at St. Michael School.

The day was filled with fun and laughter by all as mentees had the opportunity to spend some time with their special mentors for the day. We're not sure which activity the Stantec mentors enjoyed the most

  • Colouring

  • Readings from the very inspiring Metis Book: The Giving Tree

  • Or the fiddle concert some of the mentees put on for the Stantec staff.


BBBS would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Stantec team who are building, maintaining and continuously progressing our community here in Saskatoon We appreciate their dedication and hard work in creating positive outcomes for children and youth in our community. 

We can't thank Stantec enough for their passion and commitment to the children and youth of not only St. Michael's school but all the children and youth in Saskatoon BBBS serves.

Thank You, Stantec!