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A Mother's Day Story of Inspiration

Jennifer Pirot has been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters since March 2009. In the 7 years her son Dustin has been matched, Jennifer says the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“Big Brothers and Big Sisters has given our family a sense of importance. It is an organization that is so giving and empowering”

Being a single parent can be a challenge to do extra tasks, such as playing sports and participating in other recreations outside of school. Big Brothers and Big Sisters has given her son the opportunity to be involved in playing ball hockey every season. As a result, Dustin has become physically active and learnt many important skills such as team work. 

“I have witnessed my son be successful and learn many new skills that will help him grown into a mature young adult. He has shown my son what it means to be responsible and how to be successful in life.”

Dustin has been matched with his Big Brother Luke for almost 4 years now. Jennifer cannot express her gratitude enough for what Luke has done for Dustin. 

“He is positive role model for my son. He takes him to many sporting events and simply takes time out of his busy like to make my son feel important. He has even helped build a fence for us after working a night shift!"

 The relationship has gone beyond friendship.

"Dustin and I consider Luke and his family to be part of our family!"

says Jennifer. Jennifer believes the match will go beyond Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“Dustin has told me that when he is too old to be a Little he and Luke will still always be together, this touched me. He has also said that he would like to someday become a Big Brother so that he can also give back to others that need a positive role model in their lives." 

Big Brothers Big Sisters cannot wait for Dustin to sign up as a Big and continue the tradition of building strong relationships. We thank Jennifer for her inspirational story of love, friendship, and for supporting both Dustin and Luke in their journey together.

(Pictured: Dustin in a Saskatoon Blades jersey bought for him by Luke)

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