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Elvin and Niklaus

Elvin was matched to Nicolaus in February 2006. According to Nicolaus's mother Donna,

" Elvin is the best thing that could ever have happened to Nicolaus."

Elvin works as a custom farmer, which would typically make it difficult to see Nicolaus during seeding and harvest. However, Elvin has turned Nicolaus into a real country boy. The two spend many hours on the farm machinery, with Nicolaus even taking some turns on the field, under Elvin's watchful eye. Donna describes Nicolaus as a "real John Deere boy", who has John Deere catalogues, an alarm clock, and ornaments in the home. He even goes with his mother to the John Deere store just to check out what new implements Elvin should buy. I can attest to Nicolaus' love of John Deere, having been treated to some lessons on farm implements myself. Nicolaus has also learned how to fix equipment and to use a garden tractor. And when Nicolaus ran over the lawn garden hose on the garden tractor, Elvin patiently taught him to repair it. While the two participate in many other activities, going to the farm is Nicolaus' favorite.

Elvin takes genuine interest in what Nicolaus wants to do and plans special outings around this. Nicolaus is very interested in flying, and the two have twice been up in an airplane, first to look at Saskatoon and then to fly over Elvin's farm. The two made a day trip to Moose Jaw, which included a stop at 15-Wing Moose Jaw to see the Snowbirds.

Elvin and Nicolaus reguarly attend agency events. The two are frequent participants in floor hockey during the winter season, and they have attended other activities such as the Rider's game.

"Being a big brother is a blast having a lot of fun whether we are going bowling swimming the movies or having a Nerf gun fight. All of my little brother's love coming out to the farm which is great . The best thing about being a big brother to a kid is the friendship we share together"

Thank you Elvin for sarting something BIG!

                                                      Elvin and Niklaus